Our Homework Approach

Grades 1-4

Teachers at the Waldorf school of Cape Cod assign no regular homework through grade two. After a full school day that includes academic work along with art, music, energetic physical activity and work with their hands in fiber arts, gardening or crafts, children need to go home and digest what they have experienced. Time to play, connect with family members and friends, to rest, prepare and eat food, to do chores and to participate in the ritual of family reading is vital for children’s well being at all ages.  

Just as the school day is designed to encourage a love of learning, our students first exposure to regular homework is intended to spark a passion for literature and music. By third or fourth grade, teachers encourage students to read for pleasure and to practice playing a musical instrument at home, thus laying the groundwork for a lifetime of rewarding engagement in these pursuits. Children at this age also enjoy doing independent projects and may be assigned one or two projects per year beginning in third grade.