Mission Statement

The Waldorf School of Cape Cod is dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of each child so they may continue life's journey as free, capable and independent individuals. We are committed to the ideals, educational philosophy, concept of human development and spiritual impulses set forth by Rudolf Steiner.

Philosophy Statement

WSCC cultivates in the children a feeling of wonder, reverence for life and respect for self and others through our curriculum, festivals and sense of community. The teachers, staff, parents and friends work together to support the children as they move forward in their intellectual, emotional and social development.

Our community is made up of students, families, faculty and staff, friends and alumni of the Waldorf School of Cape Cod. We are all part of a larger community of Waldorf schools worldwide who share our commitment to Waldorf education. It is by goodwill, determination and vision that our school exists. Born out of the initiative and vision of a small group of invested and motivated parents, WSCC has grown into fully accredited Waldorf School with deep roots on Cape Cod educating children for over 30 years. And, it is this initiative and drive that keeps us alive. 

We uphold a spirit of collaboration in raising children and educating our students - families and faculty together. 

We are a community of doers! We rely on parents to organize many aspects of our community life and school fundraising efforts.

All parents, teachers and friends are members of the Waldorf Community Association (WCA). Each year WCA organizes to support the overall aims of the school, execute fundraisers and outreach events, provide in-reach to current parents and support the teachers. 

We also have class parents who help with field trips, volunteering, fundraising and communication.

The best way to keep current is to participate in WCA and to stay informed by reading our weekly newsletter, Watermarks. We also have an active Facebook page where we post information, articles and events. Please be sure to like us and share our information.