Waldorf Sponsoring Children for the Holidays


This is a busy time of year. We're all making lists and thinking about how to make the Holidays a special time for our children, full of memories. Recently, the Outreach committee has been speaking with the Department for Children and Families, wondering what our community can do to help children who have to be taken from their homes and families.

We have been hearing stories of children who are moved from house to house, spending their days at the DCF offices, waiting and wondering where their next bed will be. For many children in the Foster Care program, the Holidays are not exciting and magical. One thing we can do to help is sponsor a few children for Christmas.

Families at the Waldorf school are each donating a gift for a child or a teenager (teenagers seldom get sponsored because people prefer buying gifts for young kids). Toys, clothes, mittens, hats, are being collected.

We plan to do more projects partnering with DCF going forward. We are hearing that children sit all day at the DCF office in Hyannis with nothing to do. DCF suggested we could put together six toy baskets full of activities for kids to play with while they are waiting in the office all day. After the holidays we will start collecting items for these baskets. Children in our school will have the opportunity to make some of the items- they can knit stuffed animals in handwork class, and the morning glories can sew little gnomes. We will be delivering the gifts after December 15th. Contact Emily Holmgren for more information and, thank you.