Needle Felted Valentine Heart Tutorial

All elementary and middle school students take Handwork class at Waldorf School of Cape Cod. As you can imagine, handmade Valentine's are a part of our culture. This tradition starts with our preschool students and follows through into the grades.

Finger knitting and hand sewing are introduced in our Kindergarten classroom. In First grade students start the process of knitting a scarf. Each day, students continue their work on this project until they have a full knitted scarf, instilling a sustained focus and the will to complete a project.

As children get into the upper grades and middle school, the handwork projects get more advanced. They knit socks, learn to crochet, and start woodworking projects with hand tools.

Needle felting is a craft often seen in Waldorf school upper grades and many Waldorf parents enjoy learning needle felting during parent & child classes. This needle felted valentine heart project is one that an older child can make or something adults can make for their young child for Valentine's Day.


needle felted heart tutorial.png

Step One: Needle felt white wool onto heart shaped felt cut-out.

Step Two: Needle felt red colored wool in a pattern covering the white wool. Use the felting needle to attach it securely.

Step Three: Use an embroidery needle to attach the thread. Tie in a loop at the top.

Click here to download and print the PDF Instructions.