Letter of Reflection from 8th Grade Teacher Ted Curtin

Dear school community,

I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this school over the 16 years that I have been blessed to spend here with you. When I first visited the school – then in Bourne – on a parent visit 18 years ago, I was bowled over by the feeling of goodness that washed over me. Something important and beautiful was surely happening here! I was soon enrolled in the teacher training and eventually did my internship at the school under the guidance of David Gable and Nick VanSant, both of whom were generous with their time and expertise and encouragement. I could not believe my luck when I was offered the First Grade position for the following 2001-2002 school year. 

Mine was a late vocation - I was 46 when I stepped into that classroom; I calculated that, if I was lucky, I might be given the grace to take two classes through the grades. I have been blessed with two groups of amazing individuals as my ‘own’ students. Both of those 8-year stints went by so quickly! During that time I also had the opportunity of working with classes other than my own. My special pleasure was being asked to teach music to students in grades 1-5, before they went on to Mr. Gable’s orchestra and chorus. I loved helping to keep a repertoire of songs in rotation in the school so that they formed a common musical currency. But no matter what I found myself tasked with at the school, it was always a beautiful duty, made easy to carry out because of my wonderful colleagues and the lovely children, and the many dedicated parents who have been such an integral part of the school and of my experience here. What an amazing undertaking a Waldorf school is – sometimes I marvel that it is even possible in this challenging world that we live in. Bravo to you all for being here and for making it happen.

I have decided to take the next year to catch my breath and to try to sort out what is next in my life – though I have no idea what that may be! One thing that I know for sure is that I will miss the children and the school. I will be sure to show up at the Fair and other events, and look forward to seeing you then. My sincere thanks to everyone in the school community for everything that you have shared with me – with us – over the years.


Ted Curtin