Class 5 Attends Greek Olympics at Lexington Waldorf School

Having been a parent at the Waldorf School of Cape Cod for four plus years now, I have heard many stories of just how wonderful the tradition of the Greek Olympics are.

This year, as a Class Five parent (Lily Connors) I had the honor of experiencing first hand this fun filled event.

As the ceremonies began, each school demonstrated their Olympic presentation. It is my biased opinion, that ours by far, exceeded all others.  

What will remain in my memory is the last event, the quarter mile race, where Gareth Vos was cheered on by his classmates to capture first place. His classmates gathered around him as he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion.  What a proud moment for these children as they represented WSCC.

It is a gift to watch these children grow and develop together and complete the milestones of childhood as a group. They demonstrated true teamwork and support of each other.  

Although Waldorf does not emphasize winning or losing, it was refreshing to see all the children doing and giving their best in what was truly a memorable event for all.

Lastly, I would like to thank Ms.Joan Baugh for her twenty (20 ) years of dedication to the children and to this event. The students performed with grace and excitement and I firmly believe that this was due to the support and leadership they received from this fine teacher. will be missed.

~Laura Connors
Class 1 & 5 Parent