A Play About the Work of Rudolf Steiner Comes to Cape Cod

by Gary Cannon, Administrator

If you have not heard about this worthwhile performance, or see it in a tri-color aerial display, I hereby welcome you to attend this special showing all the way from England to our very own gym on Sunday, Oct 14th at 1pm!

THIS WAR IS NOT INEVITABLE is a play that is full of hope and conviction that we can create a better world.  It is a moving adaptation of Rudolf Steiner’s emerging presence with intellectuals, policy-makers and the citizenry of post-WWI Germany.  Brought to life by two exceptional actors, it is especially relevant to all parents, teachers, and friends, who know, love, and support the work of Waldorf schools throughout the world.

The play starts amid the desolation of the First World War.  We see Rudolf Steiner giving life to ideas that may have shortened the war by more than a year and prevented the second World War and all of its devastation.  The actors help us to understand Steiner’s vision with warmth, humor and precision and invite us to consider how these ideas could exert influence in the chaos of our modern times.

For anyone who has ever read, met, or heard of Rudolf Steiner, this play is the opportunity to experience him in person. We meet him as a man taking on the intellectual challenges of reconstruction amid continued economic devastation.While Steiner had a vision that was too radical at the time, the play shows how his ideas were the foundation for the first ever Waldorf School!  He tries to help in every possible way, though failure seems inevitable. As one observer characterized it:

“Engaging directly with the audience, two actors touch our hearts and bring Rudolf Steiner unforgettably to life so that we come away feeling that we’ve been addressed by him in person.”

THIS WAR IS NOT INEVITABLE was written by Michael Burton and is performed by Mr. Burton and East Coast actor (and former Waldorf School student) Christian Peterson.  

Here are some of the comments they have been receiving from their first North American tour:

“Deeply touched in my heart during and after and moved in my core being of being.”

“The staging and the creativity of the two actors brought history to life. The ending was profound and moved me deeply.”

“A MUST SEE, especially for the next generation - who are our hope to change and shape the future.”

“Lightweight Theatre – with a heavy-weight impact.”

“The last soldier moment - even now it brings tears to my eyes.”

“Watching this play is the equivalent of three or four years of lecture and study in a single evening.”

“An incredible play. Creative, inspiring, relevant. … It had a very strong impact.”

The performance is not suitable for children under the age of 14, so we are working hard to have childcare available.  We hope to help as many people view this play as possible, to raise the level of discourse and plant the seeds for peace.  

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Gary Cannon