Volunteer Opportunities

free community harvesting in the sunhouse

While it Lasts: Please harvest these for your own use from the Sunhouse: spinach, lettuce, parsley, kale and chives. We are about to pull out all of these crops so we can plant for the summer and fall seasons. Bring your own harvesting containers. Please DO NOT harvest strawberries, peas or broccoli. Everything is organic and grown with love by your children! 

outreach volunteers

Stay tuned for opportunities for WSCC to participate in summer events!


Bulletin Board Coordinator: We are in need of a person to be our weekly bulletin board coordinator. This person would pick one specific day each week (ex. every Monday) to update the physical bulletin boards in the lobby. Post our current flyers, volunteer opportunities, and community updates. Email Roxanne for more information.

Faculty & Staff Photo Board Project: If you are artistic or have a good eye for design, this is perfect for you! We used to have a board in the lobby with a photo of each person who worked at WSCC and their roles here. We want to create this again so that everyone knows who everyone is when we are walking through the hallways. If you would like to take up this project, please email Roxanne.