The Garden's Gate

Parent & Child Classes

The Garden's Gate is our parent, child and family program which offers a variety of classes throughout the year. These classes are offered in three sessions per year - Fall, Winter, and Spring.

In the first years of life children gain confidence and joy in their bodies as they explore their world. They are building a firm foundation that will remain with them throughout their life.

Here at our Garden’s Gate Parent and Child Program we provide families with an opportunity to explore and share the wondrous and often challenging journey of parenting. Weekly classes allow for building community as parents and caregivers observe their children engaged in play which is the “work” of a young child. 

Our experienced early childhood Waldorf teachers strive to create a mood of support and care for parents and children alike as we consider a variety of parenting topics from creating nurturing routines, healthy sleep patterns, good nutrition to setting age appropriate boundaries and understanding the developmental stages of a young child. We follow the natural rhythm of the seasons as we together watch our children unfold and grow. Thoughtful conversation and questions help create an environment of continued discovery.

Parent-Child Class Program Overview

Come through the Garden's Gate where we plant seeds to grow happy and healthy children! Click here to register for a class now.

SPROUT (3 months old to crawling)
Parents take time during this class to observe and enjoy their babies in the company of other parents. The parent educator provides support and information and facilitates discussion on a variety of parenting topics. Practical tips and activities are shared including singing lullabies, reciting soothing rhymes and verses and doing simple infant massage.  The class promotes connection with your baby and other parents in a soothing and relaxed environment.

SEEDLING (crawling to 2 years) Children on-the-go engage in interactive and creative play with a variety of handmade toys and natural objects that nurture and support this active stage of development while parents observe and share. Through simple verse, song and story a child's budding language and speech development can unfold as parents observe and share together.

BLOSSOM (2 to 3.5 years) Blossom children are entering the world of social play and this class gives them their first experience with the rhythms of a Waldorf Early Childhood class .They negotiate how to play and learn together in a nurturing and safe place as parents share and discuss parenting topics. 

FOREST (2.5 to 6 years) Experience the popular phenomenon of a “forest classroom” adapted for parent and child.  Spend time in this outdoor class exploring our beautiful woodlands at a child’s pace. Share in a story and song circle and snack outside together surrounded by the beauty and wonder of nature. Dress for all weather.

All classes provide a simple community snack appropriate to the developmental needs of the children.