Calmer Choice (Grades 2-6)

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Calmer Choice (Grades 2-6)


Fall II Session

Thursdays: October 26 - December 7th

Time: 3:15 pm 5:15 pm

Open to Grades 2-6

Calmer Choice is a non-profit organization that provides a mindfulness social emotional educational program to students in schools on Cape Cod. 

Mindfulness can be described as paying attention on purpose to what is happening in the here and now, both internally and externally with kindness and curiosity for ourselves and others. Research suggests this type of training offers great benefits to health and well-being.

This 7 week program will provide your child with fundamental knowledge, tools and opportunities to practice skills that increase present-moment attention, support emotional regulation and emotional balance, improve stress reduction, and support academic performance. 

Please pack your child a snack.

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