Early Childhood

Nursery & Kindergarten

We offer Early Childhood classes for children 3-6 years old.

Because young children are so deeply connected to and imitative of their environment, special care is given to create a play environment that is beautiful, unhurried, and secure. We observe a daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythm in our classrooms. Our intent is to provide a home-like setting that encourages the unfolding of the imagination through a rich exposure to language, culture and the natural world. Our days are filled with a variety of nurturing and stimulating activities including:


3-Day Early Childhood
8:30-12:30 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

3-Day Early Childhood with Full Day Option
8:30-5:00 (Monday & Wednesday)
8:30-5:30 (Tuesday)

5-Day Early Childhood
8:30-12:30 (Monday - Friday)

5-Day Early Childhood with Full Day Option
8:30-5:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
8:30-5:30 (Tuesday & Thursday)


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